Thanks also from me Andrew
The change seems to have worked. I think for the first time ever I can now build PLplot how I need from scratch from CMake without having to go into Visual Studio with a list of tweeks I need to make. I think that in itself is a great achievement for the next version.
It does say in the comments at the top of FindwxWidgets.cmake that it uses totally different methods for linux(where it uses wxconfig) and Windows(where it doesn't). But if the outputs are different then presumably this is a CMake bug so I'll report it.
Now that PLplot can be built "out of the box" with Visual Studio I'll add a full walkthrough to the wiki of building PLplot in VS with options for shapelib, wxWidgets, AGG and Freetype.
Thanks again guys

From: Alan W. Irwin <>
To: Arjen Markus <>; Andrew Ross <>
Cc: PLplot development list <>; phil rosenberg <>
Sent: Thursday, 26 September 2013, 19:03
Subject: Re: [Plplot-devel] CMake bug report - sorry

Hi Andrew:

Thanks very much for all your testing and patching work this morning.
For example, I didn't have time to deal with Phil's example 19 patch, but
you did which I appreciate.  More below.

On 2013-09-26 16:31+0100 Andrew Ross wrote:

> Phil,
> wxWidgets works fine on my Ubuntu Linux system. I've checked and I can see no
> evidence of debug flags in the wxwidgets build, so I'm guessing it is either a windows
> issue or an issue with the specific wxwidgets version. I've just committed a change so
> cmake will only add the options if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is set to Debug.
> Alan, you might also want to cast your eye over this to make sure you are happy.

I frankly don't understand the purpose of the relevant CMake logic block
but putting an extra AND CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE MATCHES "Debug"
qualifier on whether that block of logic is run seems right to me since
you should only want the debug version of the wxwidgets library when

@Arjen: are you in a position to do a quick test of this new wxwidgets
logic on Cygwin?

@Phil: please also test the new logic to see if it sorts out the problem
you discovered.

@Andrew: I doubt I will have a chance to test out this change on Wine,
but I don't think it will make a difference in that case since my Wine
build of the wxwidgets libraries did not involve debug versions as far
as I know.  Which implies wxWidgets_DEFINITIONS_DEBUG will not be set
to true so this logic block will be skipped in my Wine case regardless
of your AND CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE MATCHES "Debug" addition to the if condition.

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