Sorry to dop this in when clearly there is plenty else to do, but maybe this is an easy fix before the release.
I just tried to build the latest trunk version ahead of the planned release and the wxWidgets build is broken - at least on windows. The wxWidget related files are given debug compiler options (_DEBUG __WXDEBUG__) even for release build. I think this has been discussed before on the list, but i couldn't find the cause. I've just had a trawl through the code and basically FindwxWidgets.cmake always returns these options in wxWidgets_DEFINITIONS_DEBUG regardless of whether we are in a debug build or not. it's not entirely clear if this is a bug in CMake or if it is by design. The documentation says wxWidgets_DEFINITIONS_DEBUG- Contains defines required to compile/link against WX debug builds, e.g. __WXDEBUG__. So it hints that maybe it's up to the calling build system to check the build type and apply the definitions if needed.
Unfortunately i don't know CMake well enough to fix this. I assume it is an if statement around line 78 of wxwidgets.cmake to check the build type or something.
Anyway, if it has to wait until after the release then so be it.