Alan: I got this solved by replacing in the CMakeLists file:
with exactly:
The library was necessary to be actually "plplotd.dll" and the exact path to it without ${LIB_TAG} ending provided the correct change.
Thanks to Arjen for previously providing that plplot.lib should be correctly plplotd.lib.
Kouros K. Bina
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Sent: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: [Plplot-general] Obtaining source code related to plplot.h

Hi Kouros:

Please follow our request to ask all questions on list!  That allows
others to benefit from the discussion and/or help you further.

On 2013-09-03 17:08-0700 Kouros Bina wrote:

> I was able to make a successful CMake file and compile my test case
for an individual test example which is x11c with alterations which is
placed in its own directory. I was able to install and run the c
examples (i.e. x01c through x34c etc.) with the graphics running
correctly. The link session fails on plplot.lib.

Try putting the dll subdirectory on your PATH as suggested by Arjen.

> However it compiles my two files -- xInverarityc and test_plend.

> Is there any help on what
the plplot.lib files as regards the installed build-plplot and plplot
(un-tar or unzip file) directories or else the installed directory.

It appears you are concerned about linking your own applications to
the installed PLplot libraries.  To help answer that concern you
should note there are two build systems.  The first build system (the
one you have been using) is used to build and install PLplot. After
that build and install is completed for the first build system, you
should notice a CMakeLists.txt file installed in
$prefix/share/plplot5.9.9/examples where $prefix is your installed
prefix.  That CMakeLists.txt file is the core of a second build system
which is used to build the installed examples and link them to the
installed PLplot libraries.  So builds of your own software should
follow what that second build system does.

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