I've just started having some problems building plplot. I run cmake to generate a visual studio project, but when I try to build I get the error
c1 : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: 'D:/SourceCode/Libraries/shapelib-1.3.0/include/shapelib': Permission denied
It's not surprising that it can't open that file, because it is in fact a directory. Checking the cmake output I found:
FindShapelib: Found shapelib header directory, D:/SourceCode/Libraries/plplot_trunk_staticbuild_debug/ D:/SourceCode/Libraries/shapelib-1.3.0/include/shapelib, and library, D:/SourceCode/Libraries/plplot_trunk_staticbuild_debug/ D:/SourceCode/Libraries/shapelib-1.3.0/lib/shapelibsd.lib.
Which seems incorrect.
To specify the location of shapelib I use the following options
-DHAVE_SHAPELIB=ON -DSHAPELIB_INCLUDE_DIR=" D:/SourceCode/Libraries/shapelib-1.3.0/include/shapelib" –DSHAPELIB_LIBRARY=" D:/SourceCode/Libraries/shapelib-1.3.0/lib/shapelibs.lib"  
I noticed there was a change to the cmake files regarding shapelib since my last update. Is there anything that could have brocken the build?