I've just been looking at using the plvect function to add vectors to a plot. Unfortunately they are not coming out well. Attached is a simple example with [1,1] vectors plotted at every integer from 0-9 in x and y. You can see that the arrow heads are distorted. I've traced this through the code and found that it's because the  plot is scaled independantly in x and y in the wxWidgets driver (in this case in wxPLDevGC::DrawPolyline() ). This scaling AFTER the rotation of the arrow causes distortion.
I'm not fully familiar with the plplot transformations from world to device coordinates, but I thought that this should be performed by plP_wcpcx()? Does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong here so I'm not debugging from scratch? Am I doing something wrong during initialisation?
By the way, I thik this is related to another problem that I've experienced (but hadn't gotten round to reporting) where my y axis title moves further and further away from the y axis as I make my plot window wider.
Any help much appreciated.