Hi all
I've been having a stab at reliably building plplot, including examples with Visual Studio and CMake, inspired by the fact that I'm now using the trunk version so am rebuilding fairly often. I put some details on the wiki last time I spent some time getting stuff to build with Visual Studio, but still had some niggles I never worked out. I've reached a point now where i think almost everything is working as it should, including setting runtime libraries and character sets.
I'm having 2 issues with building the examples though to do with linking with with AGG, Freetype and wxWidgets.
Firstly for wxWidgets the debug and release versions are located automagically, however for AGG and Freetype i need to specify the libraries explicitly and i can only specify either debug or release. My CMAKE experience is just not enough to know if or how this could be changed or if I've got it wrong.
Secondly, when I try to build the examples in release mode i get problems with undefined symobls to do with wxAssert. As you might expect these calls are all inside #ifdefs and should only be called in debug mode. So it appears that somewhere _DEBUG or __wxDEBUG__ is being defined in the release build.
One thing I did also notice though is that it appears to me that checking for AGG is inside an if statememnt which checks for freetype, so it seems like it's not possible to use AGG without also using freetype. Is this correct functionality?
I just thought I'd ask if anyone else here has had similar experiences and has possibly found a solution. Of course it is likely that the debug issue is a mistake I've made somewhere, but I'm struggling to find it. An easy workaround would be to accept that only the debug build works and therefore only link aganst the debug libraries of AGG and Freetype. This does mean that lots of build errors will be thrown up when the library is built though.
If noone has any suggestions in the next 24 hours I'll update the wiki with my current method