Hi all
I've come across a "feature" of the cmap1 colourscale that I wanted to check. According to the doumentation for plscmap1l "the hue is interpolated around the front of the colour wheel (red-green-blue-red) unless the rev flag is set to true.
I've found however that this isn't always the case and that reversing the order of points on the coord arrays also reverses the direction. For example using HLS I set coord1 to {0,120} and rev to false which gives me a colourscale of red-yellow-green-turquoise-blue. If I then set coord1 to {120,0} I would expect to get a colourscheme from blue-purple-red, but instead I get blue-turquoise-green-yellow-red.
I've called it a feature, because I'm not sure if this is a bug in the code or if it is the correct behaviour but the documentation isn't great. Any thoughts?
Phil Rosenberg