I've just hit a small problem using the wxWidgets driver dealing with line breaks when outputting text.
Basically when I use wxGraphicsContext for on screen display line breaks are dealt with as I might expect. However when I use a wxDC (e.g. wxMetafileDC) the line breaks are ignored. I posted on the wxWidgets forum and the issue seems to be that wxDC does not support (or does not guarentee support for) line breaks in wxDC::DrawRotatedText(), which is used by plplot - it only supports line breaks in wxDC::DrawLabel(), but cannot do rotated text using this function. wxGraphicsContext::DrawText(), which is again used by plplot, can however deal with line breaks and rotated text.
My thoughts are that it would be good if these were consistent.
Do other drivers support line breaks and is it the general case that drivers should/should not support line breaks? I Imagine it's probably on a driver-by-driver basis.
I'm sure it shouldn't be massively difficult to write some code that parses line breaks for wxDC. Alternatively (although perhaps a backwards step) line breaks could be removed when using wxGraphicsContext.
I'm happy to look into writing a patch either way.