Hey folks -

As my first posting to this list, I will of course post about a problem I have with building PLplot.  I am trying to build PLplot on a MinGW (Windows) system, specifically, a MinGW system that was installed with Strawberry Perl.  I am a Linux guy and a Perl guy, specifically PDL, and I would like to see Plplot become PDL's general-purpose plotting interface.  The problem is that one of the main developers of PDL said he had trouble with the install and hasn't given PLplot much thought since that time.  I thought, "Oh c'mon, lemme see this thing.  It can't be that bad..."  And then I couldn't even get PLplot to compile on my Windows setup.  :)

So here's the deal: Windows XP on a virtualbox, service pack 1.  (It hasn't been running long enough to get through all the service packs yet.)  It's being run on a mingw system installed with the latest Strawberry Perl release.  I'm sure you'll need more details, but I'm not sure what info you need, so please do ask for more!  I want to figure out how to do this with Strawberry Perl's setup - as opposed to a vanilla MinGW setup - because I expect that will describe a large portion of my target audience.

I made the system with a few different install prefixes, and they always seem to give the same problem.  At around 73%, I see a pair of lines saying:
     Linking C shared library ..\dll\libplplotd.dll
     Creating library file: ..\dll\libplplotd.dll.a

It builds some other .dll files.  Then at around 87%, I get this:
     [ 87%] Generating test_dyndrivers_dir/mem.rc
at which point a little window pops up saying:
     This application has failed to start because libplplotd.dll was not found.
     Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

I know the build process just made that .dll file.  I know nothing about windows dynamic linking so I am clueless as to how I should proceed.