I am using Plplot 5.1.0 and tcl/tk 8.4 on Windows NT. I am working on a project
that requires real time data plotting. My requirement is that the plot should be
a strip chart. All the new points should be plot on the right hand side with
graph sliding to left, making room for new points. The User can view the full
plot using the scroll bars.

When we create the Plplotwin object first we need to specify the viewport and
then window. In this we specify the boundary of the graph to be plotted, and
there by restricting the size of the plot to be plotted .

Is there any way by which we can eliminate the need of the upper limit of the
boundary ( xmax, ymax ) ? Is than any work around which help me to make
continuos plot ?

Does anybody has any idea how this can be done in plplot.?

Thanks for any help.

Piyush L.