Can anybody suggest a way for incorporating scroll-bar functioanlity in a Plplotwin object.
Actually I was getting "unknown option -xscroll" error for the following Tcl code:
package require Plplotter
Plplotwin .p
grid rowconfigure . 0 -weight 1
grid columnconfigure . 5 -weight 1
grid .p -column 0 -row 0 -columnspan 10  -sticky news

button .bexit -text "Quit" -command exit
button .bshell -text "Shell" -command "console show"
set buttons [list .bexit .bshell]
if {[llength $buttons]} {
    eval grid $buttons -sticky ne
scrollbar  .p.vscroll -orient vertical -command {.p yview}
grid  .p.vscroll -column 1 -row 1 -sticky ns
scrollbar  .p.hscroll -orient horizontal -command {.p xview}
grid .p.hscroll -sticky "esw"
.p config -xscroll  {.p.hscroll set}
.p config -yscroll {.p.vscroll set}
I am working on Tcl-Tk 8.4  with Plplot5.1.0 library on NT.
Any help on this is most welcome.