G. Salazar - 2007-08-31

Say, if I have generated a meta file and then use plrender to turn it into a postscript file, the plot is in landscape (aspect < 1), i.e., the bottom of the plot is to the right of the sheet and the plot occupies the entire page.

Can I generate a portrait plot using plrender? 

When I try, all I get is the plot with the same aspect ratio but a lot smaller so that the bottom of the plot (the side that used to be 11.5") has been reduced in size to make it fit onto the width (8.5") of a letter size page. So, now, there is a lot of space at the top and bottom of the plot...is this clear?

What I would like to be able to achieve is to end up with the plot in portrait but with an aspect ratio > 1, so that it occupies the entire page.

I have tried many combinations or -freeaspect, -a, and -ori but nothing seems to work.  what am I missing something?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.