Cross-Compile Support

  • Bruce Twambly

    Bruce Twambly - 2008-06-28


    I was wondering what the status was of cross-compile support for any version of plplot.  I just tried to bull through an autotools compile of 5.7.1 using bitbake (openembedded).  There were far too many issues to deal with (compiling and executing utility programs on the fly, absolute paths for includes, etc.)  Any help would be appreciated.


    • Werner Smekal

      Werner Smekal - 2008-07-06

      As far as I know does nobody in the plplot (developer) community cross-compile, but I know that cmake is able to provide support for cross-compiling. The automake build system is deprecated since 5.8.0, so don't wait for any help here. The core of the library should be able to compile even for embedded systems, but most of the drivers are dependent on other libraries, so you may only have success in compiling some of them.



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