wxwidgets plplot viculac++9-2008

  • bergerl

    bergerl - 2009-03-16


    I manage to install Plplot. All rc file are empty (wxwidgets.rc, xfig.rc)
    Can somebody help me?
    thanks you

    • Werner Smekal

      Werner Smekal - 2009-03-16

      Please try the latest svn or download the latest weekly source package from http://www.miscdebris.net/plplot_weeklies/ .  We recently (last week) changed the way the rc files are created.

      Otherwise you have to options:

      1) use the -DENABLE_DYNDRIVERS=OFF cmake option (see http://www.miscdebris.net/plplot_wiki/index.php?title=CMake_options_for_PLplot for all the options) do turn off the dynamic drivers - all drivers will be linked into the plplot dll - you need then no rc files.

      2) you need to add the build_directory/dll directory to the PATH variable so that during compilation the driver dlls are found - the rc files will then be filled with the correct text.


      • bergerl

        bergerl - 2009-03-16

        Thanks I 've got rc file now!

        There is something strange in plcore.c line 2280. tmpfile give a null pointer. I don't understand why. May be a problem with visualC++ or my machine configuration.
        Ihave changed line in      fp_drvdb = fopen("c:\\temp\\plplot592.bin","wb+"); //tmpfile ();
        Now I have got the curve sin(x)/x in wxplplotdemo

        thanks you very much


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