neil - 2014-03-25


I'm trying to get PLplot to run in the Netbeans IDE on 64-bit Windows. (Netbeans i'm using for my software development.) Outside of Netbeans I've used the Cmake GUI to build the PLplot static and dynamic libraries. I've then linked the libraries into the Netbeans project. The Netbeans IDE compiles and builds the simple example program,, without errors. However, when i run the project in Netbeans no graphical output is generated. However when i turn the debugger on and run the program, the correct graphical output results.

Would anyone have any advice as to how i might get this program to run without having to run the debugger every time? (i know this may be a Netbeans issue, but i'm addressing that in a separate line)

If i wanted to run the example programs outside of Netbeans, just so see if i could get this program working under Windows, what would be the best route (not using VS though)?

Many thanks,