3D geometry

  • static-cast

    static-cast - 2011-01-10

    Hi all,

    I'm currently evaluating the plplot library. I found all the plots we need, except a 3D plot drawing not only the surface but a 3D solid figure. I found surf3d and poly3, but none of those is doing what I need. The one is doing triangulation, but is not able to plot solid figures. The other is drawing 3D polygons but without triangulation. It looks to me, that the functionality for plotting solid figures is there but I cannot figure out how to do that.
    Is there a way?


  • Werner Smekal

    Werner Smekal - 2011-01-10


    I don't know the answer, but I suggest that you ask the same question on the plplot-general mailing list, since this forum is not frequently visited by plplot developers.


  • static-cast

    static-cast - 2011-01-11

    Thanks, I send my question to the mailing list. Hope somebody can help. :)


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