#44 5.7.4 configure issue: test/Makefile.in not found


When I try to build plplot 5.7.4, I run into the following problem:

config.status:1107: creating test/Makefile
config.status:20: error: cannot find input file: test/Makefile.in

In other words: no such file in the distro.


  • Arjen Markus

    Arjen Markus - 2007-08-18

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    It seems you are using the Autoconf configuration and build system.
    That has been deprecated. Please use the CMake approach. (I am
    surprised about it not finding a file test/Makefile.in - this
    used to work properly ... Oh, it could be it has not been generated
    during the release procedure, as we now focus on CMake. You could
    solve this by running the autoconf tools yourself, but, like I indicated
    we prefer the CMake approach.

  • Marius

    Marius - 2007-08-19

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    I always seem to forget that plplot is the only package that I build and use that requires CMake...

    This is unfortunate, since my build system uses the standard GNU tool-chain by default and my attempts of automating CMake have failed in the past. I just checked the MacPorts Portfile for plplot version 5.7.3 and saw their large, clumsy set of configure arguments needed by CMake - Ouch.

    The automake tool used to release the package are out of date, no surprise here given CMake, which compounds my problems. The Makefile.in does not get created by automake, even by the older version 1.9.

    Using CMake for one single project makes no sense to me, which is too bad, since GDL depends on plplot.

  • Andrew Ross

    Andrew Ross - 2008-01-18
    • status: open --> closed
  • Andrew Ross

    Andrew Ross - 2008-01-18

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    Bug closed: Autotools support is now obsoleted. Instead use cmake as the build system. See the release notes.


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