Dear Ofer,

I can only speak about the Japanese translation of Plone, but I would trust our current way of doing things more than sending po files to a commercial translation service. The most important thing when translating Plone files is to know what the phrase means in the context of Plone, which requires the translator to have Plone installed and to see what happens when a link is clicked etc. I don't know any translation company that is going to do that. Of course consistent style and use of terminology are also important, but the Japanese translation team already has rules for that. And they take a lot of time to discuss the meaning and best possible translation of each phrase. 

On the other hand, for languages where insufficient translation coverage is a problem but for which we don't have any volunteer translators in the Plone community, using a commercial translation service might bring better results than just giving the po files to a native speaker of that language who doesn't know Plone.

Jonathan Lewis

On 2008/12/25, at 1:32, Weisglass Ofer wrote:

Hi Takeshi,

This information was on next to the translation team page for long time
I also think a page about products translation is very important and also how many documents (if any at all) are translated to this language

Fighter with fry-it we also did a summery of the files and not translated values and forwarded it to a professional translation service company

I think this is very important step for Plone to have this updated and files checked by pro translators and not just by anybody who did a bit of translation

It will be few hounder dollars for each po file to fix and check (all bugs and right translation)

Today Plone is been used by big name companies and better translation both for the user interface and for the administrator will help Plone a lot

If I will have a good feedback about this we can continue and take donation in order to finish the files

One last issue - in some languages it is not only the translation but also the interface bugs - (Like Right to left languages)
Please ask to report specific language bugs as well

Ofer Wiesglass

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 5:16 PM, Takeshi Yamamoto <> wrote:
Let me update the quick survey result from Plone 3.1.7 regarding
PloneTranslations' PO files.

- Plone has 60 PO files
- 28 PO files have more than 80% filled out.
- 18 PO files have 30%-80% filled out.
- 10 PO files have less than 30% filled out.
-   4 PO files could not be determined their percentage with i18ndude.

I just found Thai language's PO file is missing.
Since Thailand have 50 millions population, it might be worth to have.
Does anyone know someone who could make this filled out?

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