Hi All,
Thanks to everybody for all the hard work and now Plone supports RTL very well
The list in limi's update email is long and great to see it getting close and working same as the english
as Plone will be clear to RTL as it is to left to right people.

Next stage is to translate many products and all the documents.
My company is working on a brand new user guide in Hebrew and Arabic and it will be published during 2009.
Please take a look on http://www.plone-rtl.org with donation by Nidelven IT  for hosting the website
which should be the central place for all RTL related issues and support - both for plone core and for the products
and also for companies to publish their RTL work and solutions (contact us for more updates or screenshoots if you have)
I wish we can make translation of Plone and products right away from the web/Plone itself
this can run the translation much faster

The last big bug to fix is still Limi, Alan and all other Plone people tour visit to Israel as promised

Limi - your reservation in north Israel is waitng only for the date ;-)

Ofer Weisglass

Also please note for the credit for fry-it for helping and supporting the translation of Plone
(The effort will be published in the new few weeks)

On 12/17/08, Alexander Limi <limi@plone.org> wrote:
On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 12:35:13 -0800, Ed Manlove
<devPyPlTw@verizon.net> wrote:

> Ed Manlove wrote:
>> With 3.2rc1 now released and no more pending RTL changes for final 3.2
>> release, I wanted to review the state of RTL Plone under 3.2. Three
>> major issues were resolved. They are
>> To summarize, the 3.2 release of Plone and NuPlone should have some
>> noticeable improvements to its RTL functionality.
> I should note that credit for these improvements includes Denis Mishunov
> (spliter) who has resolved several RTL issues, Ofer Weisglass who has
> contributed language expertise and advice,  Mohsen Moeeni, Houda
> Lamkahkah, Maurits van Rees and Hanno Schlichting who helped me along
> with the plone-core contribution process and answered several questions
> along the way.

Cheers, all! Very nice work, I just tested it in Hebrew, and it does
indeed look much nicer.

Alexander Limi http://limi.net

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