It looks to me like performance on the current test virtual machine is below what we need for serious interaction testing.

At one point, I think 6FU had said they could bring up a machine for testing, or give us access for this purpose to an existing one. JoAnna, can you check that out?

I'm leaving today on a vacation involving lots of car travel. I expect to be keeping up on e-mail, but will be largely absent from IRC. If my help is needed getting a Plone/PHC instance live, we'll probably need to schedule that for one of the days when I'll have a bit more laptop time.


2009/7/5 Israel Saeta Pérez <>
JoAnna Springsteen wrote:
> Ok add test cases here:
> I'm playing with the different workflows between the core docs and
> knowledge base at the moment. The site is pretty slow but I'm plugging
> along.

I'm testing the creation of docs inside the Help Center and the KB.
Please join me in #plone-docs! I'm usually chatty on Sundays. :)

Is the "docsprint" user a privileged one? Could we create an user with
editor role and another normal unprivileged one?

-- israel

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