Can an external application run via Plomino

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have a many applications for a web based program that require an interface to an application outside plone. Python allows such  communication via a number of system calls e.g. I tried this simple code to print a document

    import os
    cmd = 'lpr /home/dad/optim/cofc.eps'

    It works as a python script but didn't work from with plomino.

    Is there a way of interfacing with the outside world from with Plomino?

    Thanks in advance
    John Mahon

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Thank you for you quick reply. I am afraid I am a newbie and I did not understand your howto. Where does the code, outlined in you howto, go?

    John Mahon

  • Eric Brehault

    Eric Brehault - 2011-04-18

    ok, that's Plone development, if you are not a Plone developer, it is quite complex

    the code must o in a Python package and must be loaded by your Zope server

    there is no way to do it differently because Zope prevents using external package from any code edited via the web interface (for obvious security reason)
    to enable the usage of an external package, you must declare it as safe into a local package


  • Eric Brehault

    Eric Brehault - 2011-04-18

    maybe another way to implement what you want is to use a web service: you implement your functionnality the way you want (perl, php, ….) on any server (possibly  the same as the zope server) and you call it form plone via its url



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