Problem with Plomino Element Portlet

  • Philip Kilner

    Philip Kilner - 2011-12-20


    I'm trying to display a view in a Plomino Element Portlet, but it seems I'm failing to understand something!

    I've checked that my view works, and I've set the header, path and element in the portlet setup, but I'm getting the error: -

    LocationError: (<Products.CMFPlomino.browser.portlet.ElementPortletRenderer object at 0xc9d08d0>, 'action_url')

    …which makes me think that I've fluffed the path, since the header is simple and the element name unambiguous, and I've tried with other elements.

    The path is in the form: -


    ….where "site" is the name of the Plone site, and "database" is the name of the Plomino db.

    Apache is rewriting, so the web URL is of the form: -


    I'm a bit baffled by this - it seems very simple, and so I'm not sure what I can have done wrong.

    Could somebody deliver the appropriate blow with the clue stick, please? Ta!


  • Philip Kilner

    Philip Kilner - 2011-12-20


    After some further experimenting, I find that I can show Forms in this portlet, but not Views.

    This suggests to me that the path is right, but views are not supported - is that correct?

    What I'm trying to achieve is a portlet in the "plain Plone" part of the site, with links to records in the plomino database.


  • Eric Brehault

    Eric Brehault - 2012-01-03


    Correct, views are not supported in portlets (considering a plomino view needs a quite large width, I am not sure it is a good think to embed it into a portlet, that's why we never tried to make it work with portlet).

    I recommand you to create a Page form containing a computed for display rich text field that will display the links you want, and then put this Page form into a portlet.


  • Philip Kilner

    Philip Kilner - 2012-01-16

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks - a computed rich text field worked perfectly - and since that gives me a free hand to design the content of the portlet, I can't imagine a use case for the portlet where that would not suffice!




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