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Plomino as part of Plone Core

  • Jean Jordaan

    Jean Jordaan - 2011-03-16

    Posted at uservoice as well:

    Plomino is quite different in concept from Plone, and requires a different mindset. It doesn't design content types, and it's more than a form engine.

    I like the form aspect of Plomino, and would be interested to see cross-polination between this and PFG: using a richtext editor to layout PFG forms, and using PFG fields in Plomino applications.

    However the essence of Plomino is the interaction between forms and their fields, with documents and their items.

    Over its lifetime, a document may be displayed and edited using any number of forms. Any form can add items to a document. Therefore documents in Plomino are not strictly instances of different content types: they are just generic bags of items that can be presented using any Plomino form.

    Also, Plomino does not use containment for organisation. All documents are siblings.

    This makes for a very simple, flexible structure that can be used to rapidly create applications.
    A side effect of this simplicity is that Plomino documents and forms can easily be replicated among Plomino instances.

    Another side effect is that it's easy to create the most horrendous spaghetti. Partially sync different versions of forms from different Plomino instances, change forms on the fly so that older documents don't have the same items as newer documents, modify documents as a side effect of viewing another document … the amount of fun that may be had is endless.

    If you proceed with care, Plomino can be a big win. However it is a power tool disguised as a happy fun form generator, and should not be part of Plone core.


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