Romi - 2013-08-02

Is there a function like XMLAGG in PLJSON ?
If not then how can i get AGG a resultset which is giving multiple columns out into one column and get the redult in json format.

EX: declare
L_S VARCHAR2(32767);
L_S:='WITH par as (
select null ind,
null v_member_number,
null v_parent_member_id,
null v_parent_member_id1,
null v_slid_member_number,
null v_contactemail,
null v_memberid,
null v_membername,
''115880836'' v_wireless_ban,
null v_uverse_ban,
null v_titan_ban,
null v_wireline_ban,
null v_billing_id,
null v_dsl_tn,
null v_voip_tn,
null v_ctn,
null v_wtn,
null v_device_id,
''WLS,TITAN,UVERSE'' v_servicecode,
-1/3 invalid_tuid
from dual
)select case when par.ind is null then
(select caa.acctid , ba.start_service_date from tlg.billing_account ba,mps.customer_accountassociation caa
where to_number(caa.acctid) = ba.ban and rownum<2)
end from dual,par';

This will give an error of too many values since more than one column is getting retrived from inner select query..

Any workaround for this..??