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PLiX (Programming Language in XML) / News: Recent posts

2008-04 Update, Reflector 5.1 support

Covers through changeset 75. Adds support for Reflector 5.1 and fixes some VS2008 setup issues. This release was originally dropped with the ORM project in April, no changes have been made since that time.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2008-06-06

2008-02, February 2008 Stability Update

Includes changes up to changeset 70. Release includes documentation updates, Snippet Preview Window bug fixes in VS2005 and (especially) VS2008, and Reflector plugin enhancements. Synchronized with the ORM project drop.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2008-03-04

2007-11, Visual Studio 2008 Setup and Field Generator Demo

Setup now targets both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas). Please run Setup.bat to correctly register the Visual Studio package on all installed targets.

A Field Generator Demo has also been added as a download. This project shows incremental changes to a typical PLiX generation transform and data.


Posted by Matthew Curland 2007-12-04

2007-10a, Setup fix for 2007-10

The Dll name change from 2007-10 was not fully propagated through setup. The new setup.bat will do a fast update if 2007-10 is currently installed.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2007-10-23

2007-10 Live PLiX Snippet Preview Added

The PLiX package has been updated with improved formatting of nested operators and better Visual Studio integration.

Adds operator precedence tables to formatters, thereby removing unneeded parentheses from the generated output.

Adds 'PLiX Snippet Preview Window' command to Visual Studio 2005 (located under View\Other Windows). The snippet preview window formats any 100% PLiX element that is currently selected in the active XML editor. The preview window can be used to change the formatter language as well as view the nearest selected element or any (pure PLiX) parent elements.... read more

Posted by Matthew Curland 2007-10-15

2007-09 Reflector support for common patterns

Added Reflector add-in support to recognize simple events and interface member patterns.

Synchronized with 2007-09CTP of ORM project.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2007-09-20

2007-03 Incremental Update with Reflector 5 support

See release notes

Posted by Matthew Curland 2007-03-19

2007-01 Incremental Update

Minor update, schema allows pragma placement in more places, plus some formatter bug fixes. Includes modifications through changeset 51.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2007-02-08

2006-12 Update. Introduces PHP formatter.

December update of PHP files. Quality improvements made across the board.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2006-12-30

2006-10 Update. Introduces Reflector add-in.

-Includes additional language elements (inlineStatement, conditionalOperator, nullFallbackOperator) and formatter fixes.
-NUPlixLoader can now be applied directly to an xml file containing plix.
-Reflector.PLiXLanguage.dll added to the project.
-HTML representations of the schema added to the Help directory.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2006-10-28

2006-05 Update

Requires uninstall and reinstall. Adds document() support to plix transforms and miscellaneous formatting issues.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2006-05-26

PLiX Schema, VB, and C# formatters released.

The initial release of the PLiX formatters for C# and VB has been made, along with support for the NUPlixLoader custom tool for C# and VB projects in Visual Studio 2005. Release notes contain initial instructions for use.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2006-04-13