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Property List Library — Synopsis

This project aims to provide a Java implementation for reading and writing Property List files. It will do so by providing an API which is intuitive for Java developers. This API is not modelled after Apple's API.

Property list files are mainly used by Mac OS X to store serialized objects in a key/value manner. These files usually have an .plist extension. In Mac OS X, Property List files are usually stored in a central location. This library can honour this convention and has conventions built in for *NIX and Windows as well. This makes the library a good platform independent alternative to Apple's own Defaults system or the Windows Registry. There are multiple kinds of Property List files; ASCII, XML and Binary. Read all about them on Wikipedia.

Want to get started using the library? Then you should read the howto


  • Kalem

    Kalem - 2012-05-25

    Is the PropertyList.jar-1.0.1 download jar upto date with your code? I was having a no implementation Exception in PropertyListParser.java when using a InputStream with the download jar but gone when i created my own jar from the checkout project.

  • Yørn de Jong

    Yørn de Jong - 2012-05-25

    Dear Kalem
    The tag release-1.0.1 should have the same code as the jar. The trunk contains the newest version which has a couple of improvements and new features. There is no jar available of this version because it is subject to change. I intend to release a jar of this code in about a month. It will probably become a 2.0 release as I have changed the API a bit.

    An exception when using the InputStream is indeed one of the bugs I fixed. The stream got closed by the code which was not the intended behavior. This bug is fixed in the trunk and you'll have to close the stream yourself after using it.

  • Steven Darnell

    Steven Darnell - 2012-10-30

    Hi Yørn,

    Thanks for creating Property List Library. I am using it to read plist objects within nested NSDictionaries; however, I now need to edit an object within the same NSDictionary hierarchy. Can it be done using property-list-2.0.0? I opened a ticket on the topic: https://sourceforge.net/p/plist/tickets/1/

    Thanks again!


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