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Pligg CMS 1.0.0 Release

We’ve been busy over the past year and there’s a lot to show for it. The new version of Pligg is more stable, secure and feature packed and best of all it’s still FREE. We will continue to develop Pligg as usual, and starting with 1.0.0 we will be making fewer changes to template files (besides bug fixes) so that templates will continue to work as we release updates. We suggest that anyone running Beta 9.9.5 should upgrade to 1.0.0 to ensure that you are running the most secure version of Pligg.... read more

Posted by Yankidank 2009-07-03

Pligg beta 9.5 released!

Grab the latest files to get beta 9.5. Check this thread for the latest features

Posted by kbeeveer46 2007-05-01

Pligg beta 9.1 released!

This release is mostly aimed at bug fixes but there are some new features like the new yget template which is now the default Pligg template. You can see screen shots of the template in the screen shots section.

Posted by kbeeveer46 2007-02-19

Pligg beta 9 released!

Here is a list of new features:

* Added a module system to easily delete features you don't want
* RSS Importer
* Private Messaging (module)
* Category Manager - allows for sub-categories
* Basic version checking. (module)
* Site statistics (module)
* Random story (module)
* Ajax contact form (module)
* nifty cube support so your vote boxes can uses rounded corners at the push of a button (module)
* Table prefixes
* Popular/Upcoming mod
* 5 Star Rating
* Mod to prevent users from forgetting to submit stories in step 3
* Administrators can edit story URL
* "Read more" link in story summaries
* Added avatars to "who voted for this story"
* Added discarded.php to easily view discarded stories.
* Killspam user to delete the users' stories, change their comments to say "This comment has been deleted by an administrator", and changed the users' password so they can't login again.

Posted by kbeeveer46 2006-12-18

Pligg beta 8.1.0 released!

- Added /help.php to check to make sure your site is set up correctly and tells you what to do if it's not.
- Fixed "disable users" bug
- Changed <? to <?php in many files that were causing errors for a lot of people.
- Fixed "news commented on" so it only shows the story once if you've made more than one comment in it
- Security fixes in story submit process
- Fixed user bug. Thanks to Aviran.
- Fix for the summary. It stops the summary being overwritten when the story is edited.
- Added "TYPE = MyISAM" to fix createtables problems.
- Fixed "mysql_backup" install bug for some users.
- Removed some Timestamp defaults that seem to cause errors.
- Made some small updates to the README.txt
- Changed the way we check for _() because of the problems that are being reported.
- Quick fix for subfolder problem where you can't make changes in the admin panel if my_pligg_base isn't set yet.

Posted by kbeeveer46 2006-10-09

Pligg beta 8 released!

Pligg, the widely used open source "Digg-like" CMS, released its long anticipated Beta 8 today. Pigg's dynamic structure allows users to quickly and effortlessly install and customize their sites. Pligg acts as a framework for many successful sites such as VH1's Best Week Ever and VideoSift. PLIGG's community currently consists of over 2,151 members.

Posted by kbeeveer46 2006-10-08