#1 Need documentation updates ?


Version : plib-1.8.3

My system : i686 GNU/Linux-2.6.9 Linux-from-scratch with ALSA

./configure can't find laudio. I don't remember the exact message
displayed by configure. That was three hours ago. Long since
scrolled beyond recall.

I figured that I had a missing library that the configure script just
didn't error out because of. So I googled around and found http://
radscan.com/nas.html which provides a laudio file.

After installing that library, plib's configure reports 'checking for
ALopenport in -laudio... no'

I guess I got the wrong audio library :(

Question : Do I need a laudio library file to have sound with plib ?
BTW, at this time I haven't a clue as to what plib is. Only that it is
required by FlightGear's simulator and I'm going to be ticked to
find out I can't hear my plane's engine roar as I'm wobbling down
the runway to takeoff :) I have to at least hear the plane when it

If I need the file, where exactly do I find it ? How about a pointer in
plib's README file as to it's source location ?

On http://plib.sourceforge.net/download.html :
Run this (as 'root'):
tar xzf plib-1.8.3.tar.gz
cd plib-1.8.3
./configure ; make install

untar a gz file as root ??? never again !
change to:
tar xzf plib-1.8.3.tar.gz
cd plib-1.8.3
As root : make install
On http://sourceforge.net/projects/plib/ :
This Project Has Not Released Any Files
That needs to be updated. With a project creation date of : 1999-
11-22 and that message, this looks like a dead project at first
glance. If I was only browsing and not searching for your project, I
would have immediately hit my browser's 'back' button.
On http://freshmeat.net/projects/plib/ :
No dependencies filed
Why not ?
Side note :
On http://plib.sourceforge.net/ :
I like the several links to the games. You need more please :)
Searching for good games doesn't yield good results but stumbling
across pointers on webpages such as yours works great.
Nice webpage btw. very readable.


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