I'm not really an expert on the issue, but I would advice you to try the PLIB in cvs, and see if your CH Fighterstick USB works fine with it. If it doesn't I guess someone with some hardware similar to yours might be able to write a patch.

2006/2/7, Ákos Maróy < darkeye@tyrell.hu>:

I just got a CH Fighterstick USB, and wanted to take it for a spin with
FlightGear, which uses plib. I started to check on the joystick with
js_demo that comes with FlightGear.

To my surprise, js_demo does not recognize the yoke movements of the
FighterStick - even though it sees the button presses. Also, if I have
an additional CH Pro Pedal connected, that is recognized properly.

I talked to the FlightGear people, and they told me to contact the plib
crew regarding this issue. so here I am.