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Help startup plex86 project again, please donate!


Great news from SourceForge! They've added a mechanism for
people to donate money to their favorite projects.

Over the last year, I've pursued a number of companies in search
of a sponsor for this new plex86 effort (lightweight Linux-only VM).
It has not been easy.

I've wanted to fire up this project again, and the SourceForge donation
system comes at just the right time. This is a great mechanism for
people to collectively sponsor authors of their favorite projects
and help create the project's success rather than waiting for a
commercial entity to pick it up or have it languish.... read more

Posted by Kevin P Lawton 2003-12-19

Plex86 v0.1 released.

CVS has been tagged with the identifier 'v0_1'. This version can boot/run the precompiled kernels and initrd files as well as the RH7.3 NFS filesystem (using an initrd which can handle NFS roots) offered in the downloads area. Instructions are in the
'Documentation' directory in CVS.

Posted by Kevin P Lawton 2003-07-16

Initial source code upload to CVS

Source code has been cleaned up a little, and uploaded to CVS.
Please read the file 'Documentation/quickie.txt' in the CVS tree,
for notes on running the demonstration kernel images and initrd
provided on the main plex86 web site.

Posted by Kevin P Lawton 2003-02-17