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Version 1.5

5 years later, at last a version that:
-Can compile in a linux kernel > 2.6
-Has an autotools based installation and configuration system
-Logs messages.
-Works with simulated hardware.
-Can produce Doxygen docs.
-Code is -mostly- readable.

Hopefully the next version will be sooner ;)

Posted by AntonisK 2014-06-13

Version 1.4 with Instruction List(alpha) released (finally)

It took a good 8 months, but i finally got a chance to revisit this project since i got to actually deploy version 1.3 with Ladder on a real industrial application-rollerway control!

That meant:A. I got to do yet another debugging overhaul, and removed a series of minor, but annoying bugs that made PLCemu practically unusable.

Ladder diagrams now work, and work well.

B. I got the chance to finish the implementation of a second language! Now PLCemu supports IEC-61131-3 compatible
Instruction List. It still has known bugs, and doesn't implement subroutines.... read more

Posted by AntonisK 2009-04-22

v.1.3 released

after massive debugging and testing, v1.3 beta is available. the editor now is OK, and LD works far better than before. multiple branches etc. work fine.

also, operators [,],) for set, reset and negate coil have been added. (check help file and website)

Posted by AntonisK 2008-05-29

PLC-EMU BETA release

LD (with memory stack) and everything else planned has been implemented and (should) work as intended, passing to BETA stage.

Please Feel free to test and submit bugs!

Posted by AntonisK 2008-05-20

LD works! (well, sort of)

Yet Another Massive debug.

Fixed Makefile for comedi, &compiled & tested plcemu with comedi 0.7.76 on a 2.6.18 kernel, works fine! :)

LD language _kind of_ works. It BASICALLY works, but as the memory stack is not properly implemented _yet_, do not expect _every_ and _any_ Ladder diagram to work correctly. However, you can -sort of- program in Ladder now.

Up next: Instruction List.

Posted by AntonisK 2008-05-16

sorry about that

i had forgotten some debug related code in the release, which would make it not work as expected.
please download again, or wait for the next version which will (hopefully) include LD...

Posted by AntonisK 2008-04-09

debugged first alpha version

fixed C API, which should now work
fixed makefile
massively debugged.
Everything except LD parser should now work fine.

Posted by AntonisK 2008-04-01

released first alpha version

this is a buggy alpha version for testing purposes
LD language is not working.

Posted by AntonisK 2008-03-18

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