playmidi - Sound Blaster PCI 64

  • Mitchell Pryor

    Mitchell Pryor - 2002-07-08

    I'm trying to use playmidi with a SoundBlaster PCI 64 card, but no sound comes out of the speakers.  I believe it is because the ALSA drivers do not support access to the soundcard synthesizer. 

    I would like to use your program to verify the music notation of MUP, which allows one to create midi files, but I guess I'll have to wait until ALSA provides a more complete set of drivers.

    While I'm waiting ... what are the chances that you could enhance playmidi with the ability to specify a range of bars to play instead of playing the entire song?  It's a drag having to play back the entire song when I just want to listen to bars 85 through 90. 

    Thanks for your time.

    • Nathan Laredo

      Nathan Laredo - 2004-03-09

      The SoundBlaster 64 does not have /dev/sequencer support in the kernel.  I'm currently working on code that will do a software rendering of midi to /dev/dsp as well as external midi output to /dev/midiXX without using /dev/sequencer to work around the lack of this feature in newer kernels.


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