playmidi vs via686a Sound Chip

  • Robert Young

    Robert Young - 2001-04-15


    I am hoping anyone who reads this thread can give me a hand.  I revently have downloaded the playmidi from the CVS source tree.  I compiled it with option #1 (External midi synth, Ensoniq Soundscape, TB Maui, waveblaster cards) and it complained with the following error:

        grep: /dev/sndstat: No such device

    I read the comp.os.linux.misc and found some responses to the posts saying that "/dev/sndstat" has been depricated and replaced with "/proc/asound/sndstat".  Then, I edited the "Configure" file and replaced "/dev/sndstat" with "/proc/asound/sndstat".  I recompiled the playmidi with option #1 successfully.  However, when I tried to play any midi song with either playmidi or xplaymidi, they both played the midi song but I don't hear any sound/song coming out from the speakers.  I have installed alsa-driver-0.5.10b (I could not get the latest alsa-driver running).  Does this mean playmidi does not support via686a sound chip?  If so, what other software should I use to play midi files instead of playmidi?


    • Nathan Laredo

      Nathan Laredo - 2001-08-17

      It sounds like you have nothing connected to the external
      midi port.  When you choose external midi, it sends to the
      external midi port.

      -- Nathan Laredo


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