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[r9130] by jpgr87

Phidget RFID driver now compatible with phidget 2.1.8 library

2013-11-10 19:06:56 Tree
[r9129] by jpgr87

Removed from playerc++, which doesn't correspond to any interfaces in Player

2013-11-10 18:28:48 Tree
[r9128] by jpgr87

Applied patch #669: Exception catched by value instead of by reference

2013-11-10 18:19:23 Tree
[r9127] by jpgr87

Restore executable bit on scripts and utils

2013-10-06 17:34:25 Tree
[r9126] by jpgr87

Applied patch #668: Remove svn:executable property from C/​C++ source files

2013-10-06 17:19:18 Tree
[r9125] by jpgr87

Applied patch #667: Minor patch for ND navigation driver

2013-10-06 17:09:04 Tree
[r9124] by jpgr87

Applied patch #666: GPS speed, course made good and time

2013-10-06 17:06:38 Tree
[r9123] by jpgr87

Applied patch #665: Delete error in logfile reader

2013-04-13 00:16:00 Tree
[r9122] by jpgr87

Fix off-by-one errors in ranger boundary checking

When accessing an array in the RangerProxy class (e.g. the ranges array), a
check is made to see if the number of elements in the array is grater than
the index being requested. If the array had 0 elements (was unallocated), and
a request was made for the 0th element, this test passed and an unallocated
array was accessed.

This commit fixes the off-by-one error; you can only ever get index (length-1)
in any of the RangerProxy's array accesses.

2013-01-31 02:33:03 Tree
[r9121] by jpgr87

Add a global plugin directory outside of system library search path

This commit adds support for a system-wide plugin installation directory that
is versioned and not on the system's library installation path. Currently it
is implemented as a subdirectory of the library installation directory.

2013-01-12 20:06:07 Tree
[r9120] by jpgr87

Fix FSF Address in GPL and LGPL copyright notices.

The FSF has moved from 59 Temple Place to 51 Franklin Street. Updating
copyright information appropriately.

2013-01-07 00:18:52 Tree
[r9119] by jpgr87

Merge revisions 9097 to 9118

2013-01-06 23:20:32 Tree
[r9118] by jpgr87

More Windows build fixes

Fixes for some issues building on Windows with mingw, Visual Studio 2008 and

2013-01-06 23:17:01 Tree
[r9117] by jpgr87

Move timespec definition above first use

clock_gettime relies on the timespec structure definition. If timespec
and clock_gettime are both undefined, then replace.h would use timespec
before declaration. This commit fixes the order.

2013-01-05 23:41:58 Tree
[r9116] by jpgr87

Initial MinGW support

This commit adds initial support to Player for building with the MinGW compiler
suite on Windows or other platforms (via cross-compilers). The support is
initially limited to the core Player libraries, console-based utilities, and
drivers that don't require third-party dependencies. Further support (gtk,
boost, etc) is ongoing.

Currently this support is being tested using the MinGW compiler suite on
Windows 7, and using the MinGW 32 and 64 cross-compilers on Fedora 18, with
binaries run via WINE.

2013-01-05 23:36:46 Tree
[r9115] by jpgr87

Fix compilation on clang

Clang doesn't accept assigning the pthread initializer value to a pthread
mutex after it is created. This resets the mutex using memset instead.

2013-01-05 21:41:59 Tree
[r9114] by jpgr87

Fixes for daemonization

The daemonization code is set to only work on UNIX like operating systems,
but some of the UNIX specific code was not blocked by #ifdef PLAYER_UNIX
causing compilation errors on Windows.

2013-01-05 21:28:17 Tree
[r9113] by jpgr87

libplayerinterface: Fix dllimport/dllexport definitions

The dllimport/dllexport definitions were being triggered by the preprocessor
definition libplayerxdr_EXPORTS, which CMake used to define when libplayerxdr
was a separate library. Since they're part of the libplayerinterface library
now, libplayerinterface_EXPORTS is the proper definition to use.

2013-01-04 21:37:23 Tree
[r9112] by jpgr87

Enable player server daemonization on UNIX systems

This patch came from Taahir Ahmed on the playerstage-developers list.
It lets the Player server fork and daemonize when the -s command is given
on the command line. The code is only enabled on UNIX systems (as defined
by CMake.)

2012-12-17 02:51:14 Tree
[r9111] by jpgr87

Fix TIME_UTC macro for boost >= 1.50

2012-12-17 02:10:07 Tree
[r9110] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3595221: lack of header inclusion caused ntol macro was not found

2012-12-13 02:33:56 Tree
[r9109] by thjc

remove struct names from typedef in files generated for swig
this fixes many warnings and some potential errors on 64bit systems.

2012-11-17 21:59:32 Tree
[r9108] by thjc

gz functions should use gzfile not file

2012-11-17 10:06:02 Tree
[r9107] by thjc

Add bracket that got lost when correcing variable name

2012-11-16 19:17:09 Tree
[r9106] by thjc

updates for artoolkipplus 2.2

2012-11-12 18:24:56 Tree
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