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[r9115] by jpgr87

Fix compilation on clang

Clang doesn't accept assigning the pthread initializer value to a pthread
mutex after it is created. This resets the mutex using memset instead.

2013-01-05 21:41:59 Tree
[r9114] by jpgr87

Fixes for daemonization

The daemonization code is set to only work on UNIX like operating systems,
but some of the UNIX specific code was not blocked by #ifdef PLAYER_UNIX
causing compilation errors on Windows.

2013-01-05 21:28:17 Tree
[r9113] by jpgr87

libplayerinterface: Fix dllimport/dllexport definitions

The dllimport/dllexport definitions were being triggered by the preprocessor
definition libplayerxdr_EXPORTS, which CMake used to define when libplayerxdr
was a separate library. Since they're part of the libplayerinterface library
now, libplayerinterface_EXPORTS is the proper definition to use.

2013-01-04 21:37:23 Tree
[r9112] by jpgr87

Enable player server daemonization on UNIX systems

This patch came from Taahir Ahmed on the playerstage-developers list.
It lets the Player server fork and daemonize when the -s command is given
on the command line. The code is only enabled on UNIX systems (as defined
by CMake.)

2012-12-17 02:51:14 Tree
[r9111] by jpgr87

Fix TIME_UTC macro for boost >= 1.50

2012-12-17 02:10:07 Tree
[r9110] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3595221: lack of header inclusion caused ntol macro was not found

2012-12-13 02:33:56 Tree
[r9109] by thjc

remove struct names from typedef in files generated for swig
this fixes many warnings and some potential errors on 64bit systems.

2012-11-17 21:59:32 Tree
[r9108] by thjc

gz functions should use gzfile not file

2012-11-17 10:06:02 Tree
[r9107] by thjc

Add bracket that got lost when correcing variable name

2012-11-16 19:17:09 Tree
[r9106] by thjc

updates for artoolkipplus 2.2

2012-11-12 18:24:56 Tree
[r9105] by thjc

bump artk plus version

2012-11-12 18:23:29 Tree
[r9104] by thjc

Fix missing _PKG_ in build variable

2012-11-12 18:21:30 Tree
[r9103] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3566064: replace non-portable uint with uint32_t (again!)

2012-09-09 18:34:52 Tree
[r9102] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3555122: double-free issue fixed in powershot driver

2012-09-08 00:54:35 Tree
[r9101] by jpgr87

Fix bug #3548545: Adding structure player_intprop_req Invalid def file struct

2012-07-31 04:21:47 Tree
[r9100] by jpgr87

playerc++ documentation improvements

2012-07-07 17:41:46 Tree
[r9099] by jpgr87

flexiport driver fix for flexiport 2.0

2012-07-07 17:39:37 Tree
[r9098] by jpgr87

Fix bug #3541173: Readlog incompatible with zlib 1.2.6

2012-07-07 17:38:05 Tree
[r9097] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3532477: playerv uninitialised variable in pv_dev_actarray.c

2012-06-06 23:36:35 Tree
[r9096] by jpgr87

Merged r9095 into branch

2012-04-24 05:28:22 Tree
[r9095] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3494845: Generic XBow WSN nodes driver & Cooperating Object Interface

2012-04-24 05:11:39 Tree
[r9094] by jpgr87

Branching for release 3.1

2012-04-24 04:49:17 Tree
[r9093] by jpgr87

libplayerc++: All saveframe() calls now use .pnm file format no matter what the player compression state is. libplayerc will always deflate the image and save it uncompressed

2012-03-11 18:54:36 Tree
[r9092] by jpgr87

libplayerc++: RangerProxy now requests configuration and geometry on startup

2012-03-11 18:50:51 Tree
[r9091] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3501698: MU solaris compatibility patch

2012-03-11 18:30:30 Tree
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