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[r9082] by natepak

Updated gazebo href links

2011-12-08 19:17:41 Tree
[r9081] by jpgr87

Add includes to use struct timeval on windows

2011-11-24 17:40:04 Tree
[r9080] by jpgr87

Reject razorimu on windows, it requires termios.h

2011-11-24 17:38:33 Tree
[r9079] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3432662: Sparkfun Razor-IMU Driver

2011-11-08 23:47:19 Tree
[r9078] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3420949: Adding Euler offset function to IMU interface.

2011-11-01 00:00:59 Tree
[r9077] by jpgr87

Fixed bug where playerc python bindings try to build when python development libraries are not available. Now checks for swig AND the PythonLibs before trying to enable python bindings

2011-10-16 21:13:16 Tree
[r9076] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3404769: int64_t values in 32-bits machines

2011-10-16 20:58:09 Tree
[r9075] by jpgr87

Fixed bug #3394172: Fix to allow player to load plugins from /usr/local/lib64

2011-08-27 18:38:08 Tree
[r9074] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3392851: ptz sonyevid30 driver memory corruption

2011-08-27 18:24:28 Tree
[r9073] by jpgr87

corrected incorrect spelling

2011-08-27 18:22:48 Tree
[r9072] by jpgr87

Added CAPBILTIES_REQ define for backwards compatibility

2011-08-27 18:18:28 Tree
[r9071] by gbiggs

Updated Flexiport and HokuyoAIST drivers to use new libraries

2011-08-11 01:31:19 Tree
[r9070] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3389780: MacOSX compatibility patch

2011-08-11 01:26:59 Tree
[r9069] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3384865: hokuyo_aist: hw timestamps conflicts power-on-startup

2011-08-11 01:24:24 Tree
[r9068] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3385742: yet another compatibility patch

2011-08-04 21:53:43 Tree
[r9067] by jpgr87

Small fixes to roomba 500 odometry, fixes to roomba and create set/reset odometry commands

2011-07-24 18:34:54 Tree
[r9066] by jpgr87

Added capability requests to roomba and create drivers.
Added position2d odometry set/reset to roomba and create drivers.
Moved search for canlib to searchforstuff.cmake
Separated CAN functionality in segwayrmp driver, driver can now build usb-only
Added capability requests to the segwayrmp driver

2011-07-23 00:00:51 Tree
[r9065] by jpgr87

Fixed bug #3365450: rmp driver has default max_yawspeed in degrees

2011-07-17 00:13:57 Tree
[r9064] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3363888: goto driver turns the long way really fast sometimes

2011-07-17 00:05:16 Tree
[r9063] by jpgr87

Applied patch #3317615: hokuyo_aist does not handle hardware timestamps properly

2011-07-16 23:58:41 Tree
[r9062] by jpgr87

Added vmapfile format to vmapfile driver description, cleaned up indentation in gridmap.h, addded a couple of comments to the TimedRequest() function in libplayercore

2011-07-16 23:57:00 Tree
[r9061] by jpgr87

Fixed sonar geom segfaults in readlog

2011-07-07 00:01:18 Tree
[r9060] by jpgr87

Added error checking to file opening code in wavefront, added documentation for update_rate parameter in mricp

2011-07-06 23:48:52 Tree
[r9059] by jpgr87

Updated playersd to player 3.1, compiles again

2011-06-20 01:18:23 Tree
[r9058] by jpgr87

got rid of extra output during initialization

2011-06-12 02:02:18 Tree
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