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[r8032] by thjc

store cvs rsync snapshot just in case

2009-07-16 15:59:54 Tree
[r8031] by thjc

small doc fix for p2os

2009-07-16 15:41:38 Tree
[r8030] by thjc

make function table not reinit if called twice
doxygenise a couple of playerc comments

2009-07-16 04:30:43 Tree
[r8029] by rtv

more STLing

2009-07-16 03:25:18 Tree
[r8028] by rtv

fixed color bug in flags, and more STLing

2009-07-16 01:10:16 Tree
[r8027] by rtv

fixed bug in energy dissiparion model

2009-07-15 21:10:48 Tree
[r8026] by gbiggs

Deprecated some interfaces, removed others

2009-07-15 07:58:09 Tree
[r8025] by rtv

cleaning up SFU demo

2009-07-15 06:31:36 Tree
[r8024] by gbiggs

Don't build plugins if building as static libraries

2009-07-15 06:00:58 Tree
[r8023] by rtv

added simple cmdline arg database. need to clean up startup to cope

2009-07-15 04:11:49 Tree
[r8022] by gbiggs

Added boolean property type. Added new config option for timestamps to hokuyo_aist

2009-07-15 03:59:24 Tree
[r8021] by gbiggs

Removed old urg_laser driver (use hokuyo_aist).

2009-07-14 23:32:58 Tree
[r8020] by gbiggs

Applied patch #2821370

2009-07-14 23:04:25 Tree
[r8019] by gbiggs

Applied patch #2821365

2009-07-14 22:58:11 Tree
[r8018] by gbiggs

Applied patch #2821469

2009-07-14 22:55:20 Tree
[r8017] by asadat

changed the viz html

2009-07-14 19:25:38 Tree
[r8016] by asadat

changed how sample links are generated

2009-07-14 18:36:30 Tree
[r8015] by gbiggs

Updated win32 todo list

2009-07-14 08:53:51 Tree
[r8014] by gbiggs

New nanosleep and usleep replacements for Windows with higher resolution (100ns instead of 10ms)

2009-07-14 08:01:51 Tree
[r8013] by gbiggs

Removed the need for quotes around various arguments when adding drivers

2009-07-14 03:30:41 Tree
[r8012] by gbiggs

Post-refactor cleanup

2009-07-14 02:48:56 Tree
[r8011] by asadat

added some code to generate the sample links at runtime

2009-07-13 23:38:04 Tree
[r8010] by gbiggs

Applied patch #2820998

2009-07-13 23:37:43 Tree
[r8009] by gbiggs

Applied patch #2820915

2009-07-13 23:34:19 Tree
[r8008] by asadat

changed the name format in the generated tree of interfaces for webgazebo

2009-07-13 23:00:51 Tree
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