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#619 Adds uncertrainty ellipsis for localization to utils

Player (393)

This patchset extends the playerv and playernav utilities with an
option to draw an uncertainty ellipsis for localization interfaces
(visualizes the position-part of the covariance matrix).
The common function is added in form of a supporting utility library.

Playerv and playernav both are extended with the same functionality.
This functionality could be added to both of them, to en existing
library or to a new one.

Adding the code to both of them is easy, however it makes maintenance
or extensions harder.
The sensible options for existing libraries are:
playercore, playercommon, playerinterface and libplayerc .
However since the function is not a part of any interface, this rules
out libplayercore, libplayerinterface and libplayerc.
playercommon was not usable since it is used by libplayerinterface
and libplayercore, and the function requires libplayerinterface,
resulting in a circular dependency.

Therefore, a new library was created that must not be used by any
of the core parts of player, but only by utilities build on top of
player / playerinterfaces.

Patches (trunk >=rev.8859)
libplayerutil [CMakeLists.txt localization.c localization.h]
This directory contains the source files and build instructions
for a new utility support library. This library currently contains
only the derivation function for the uncertainty ellipsis.
The directory should be copied into the root directory of the
player source.

Enables the new libplayerutil library and adds it to player.

Adds support for drawing an uncertainty ellipsis to playernav.
The uncertainty ellipsis can be toggled, like the particles.
This requires the libplayerutil library (dir+patch).

Adds support for drawing an uncertainty ellipsis to playerv.
This requires the libplayerutil library (dir+patch).


  • Thimo Langbehn

    Thimo Langbehn - 2010-08-30

    Archive containing the patches, new library and a README

  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2010-11-12
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2010-11-12

    The changes have been made in SVN trunk.
    Thank you for your contribution.


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