#542 Stage 64bit libdir and plugin directory patch

Stage (103)
Rich Mattes

This patch fixes the libdir on 64 bit architectures, and creates a new subdirectory in the libdir for Stage's plugin libraries. The directories PROJECT_LIB_DIR (lib or lib64) and PROJECT_PLUGIN_DIR (lib/stage or lib64/stage) are now defined in FindOS.cmake, PROJECT_LIB_DIR is used to install libstage and stageplugin, while PROJECT_PLUGIN_DIR is used to install all of the examples. If you'd prefer to use a different foldername for the plugin directory (like PROJECT-APIVERSION), you only need to change the FindOS.cmake file. I also changed the pkg-config file to reflect the variable library install directory. The patch was created against release 3.2.2, and I tested the library loading to work correctly.


  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2010-07-08
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Rich Mattes

    Rich Mattes - 2010-07-08

    Applied in Git master


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