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#497 Viewer controller for Stage

Stage (103)

Stage controller which connects to Player server and displays data provided by the server in the Stage window. Possible applications:
- real robot monitoring in case Player runs on the robot
- monitoring of several (both real and simulated) robots on one window
- supervising student's robot by a teacher
and more...

Example of controller configuration (in world file):
fancypioneer2dx (
name "r0"
ctrl "viewer ( host '' port 3333 requires ['laser:0' 'position2d:0' 'sonar:0']) "
In this configuration, the Stage (as standalone app) connects to computer on port 3333 and displays data from
its laser:0 device as it is generated by sicklaser and data from sonar:0 as ranger. Moreover, position of
the displayed robot is position2d:0.

ctrl "viewer ( host '<HOST>' port <PORT> requires ' <DEVICE1> <DEVICE2> ... <DEVICEn>' )"
<HOST> name of Player host computer
<PORT> port on whict Player communicates
<DEVICEi> The device address(es) through which the driver can be accessed.

Run simple demo two see the functionality:
1) Run 'player twopioneers.cfg'
2) Run 'stage'
both twopioneers.cfg ans are placed in worlds directory.


  • Miroslav Kulich

    Miroslav Kulich - 2009-10-13

    Patch of revision 8286

  • Richard Vaughan

    Richard Vaughan - 2010-11-04

    what a great idea! Does anyone want to see this controller included by default?


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