#462 Player SVN trunk: new driver: deadstop

Player (393)

This patch adds new driver: deadstop. This driver forwards and tracks commands through position2d interface, if no command is sent for too long it repeats on sending stop velocity command in order to cause emergency stop.
I'm using it in our lab where our roomba robots have very bad quality WiFi link which causes velocity command not to be passed for too long. Also we're using quite slow multiple robot global positioning device which sends position data to globalize + goto drivers team. These drivers sends velocity commands with too big intervals, so robot should stop if no command is to be processed for a long time. Whole test involved: optical global positioning device + real roomba robots + deadstop + globalize + goto + robotracker + postgis + postgresql + vec2map + wavefront + playernav, it's amazing that whole this very complex setup worked fine!


  • Paul Osmialowski

    • labels: --> Player
    • milestone: --> 897206
  • Paul Osmialowski

    • milestone: 897206 --> Release-3.0
  • Paul Osmialowski

    • assigned_to: nobody --> thjc
  • G Biggs

    G Biggs - 2009-07-28
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • G Biggs

    G Biggs - 2009-07-28

    The changes have been made in SVN trunk.
    Thank you for your contribution.


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