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The Player Project / News: Recent posts

Stage 3.2.1 released

Stage 3.2.1 is a bugfix and performance release. It is recommended for all 3.X users. For all you 2.X users still out there, give this one a try!

Screenshots, etc, at the <a href="">Stage homepage</a>.

Posted by Richard Vaughan 2009-10-22

The Player Project: Stage 3.0.1 released

The Player Project: Player is a networked robot/sensor device interface; Stage and Gazebo provide 2D and 3D simulated worlds, respectively. The software aims for POSIX compliance and runs on most UNIX-like OS's (including Linux and OS X)

Downloads available from

Posted by Jeremy Asher 2008-07-30

Player and Stage 2.0.3 released

Posted by Brian Gerkey 2006-09-26

Player 2.0.0 and Stage 2.0.0 released

Download them now!

Posted by Brian Gerkey 2006-02-28

Stage-1.6 released

This is the first release of Stage after a major rewrite.
Please use the Sourceforge tracking tools to report problems and give feedback.


Posted by Richard Vaughan 2004-12-30

Player &amp; Stage 1.3.2 released

Posted by Brian Gerkey 2003-05-25

Stage 1.3 released

Version 1.3 of the Stage multi-robot simulator is released. Works with the Player robot server version 1.3.

Posted by Richard Vaughan 2002-11-11

Player 1.3 released!


Posted by Brian Gerkey 2002-11-04

Player/Stage 1.2.4 released!


Posted by Brian Gerkey 2002-11-01

Player/Stage 1.2 released!

The long-awaited release of Player and Stage 1.2
is finally here. Go get them from the download page.

Posted by Brian Gerkey 2002-06-11

Mezzanine 0.00 released

This is the first public release of the Mezzanine package.

Mezzanine is an overhead 2D visual tracking package intended primarily for use as a mobile robot metrology system. It uses a camera to track objects marked with color-coded fiducials, and infers the pose (position and orientation) of these objects in world coordinates. Mezzanine will work with almost any color camera (even the really cheap ones), and can correct for the barrel distortion produced by wide-angle-lenses.... read more

Posted by Andrew Howard 2002-05-09

Player v.1.2-alpha released

The release includes support for non-Pioneer
robots and radio modems, as well some protocol
changes. There is NO matching version of Stage.

See the Release Notes / Change Log for details.

Posted by Brian Gerkey 2002-03-29

Player/Stage 1.1 released

This release addresses all know 1.0 bugs

Posted by Richard Vaughan 2002-01-11