Hi, thanks.

Yes, you are right #define SIGQUIT 3 is a dirty workaround. I'll change the code as you propose.

Yes, I have removed #include stdlib.h in imageseq.cc even for UNIX because it is not necessary.

There is also a #define M_PI that should be replaced by the precompiler option _USE_MATH_DEFINES,
added to the project, as I have done for pmap and lodo

I have managed to include OpenCV; it's not so tricky. The steps are:

 * Configure + generate OpenCV with CMake to obtain the opencv.pc file
 * Add the path containing this file to PKG_CONFIG_PATH env. variable
 * Add OpenCV2.1 path to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH  env. variable (not sure if this is realy necessary...)

As pkgconfig I use the one packaged with the gtk+ windows distribution, because is the only that reliably
finds gtk+ packages. By the way, pkgconfig is necessary for a lot of drivers and most utilities

Yes, I can compile cvcam

To include libjpeg, I use the lib and includes provided by cygwin. The steps are:

 * Include option HAVE_JPEG as true in CMake to include the playerjpeg project in the solution
 * Provide cygwin\lib and cygwin\include paths to VS (cygwin\usr\include in my cygwin installation)
 * Rename cygwin\lib\libjpeg.dll.a as jpeg.lib (or change the project settings to use libjpeg.dll.a)
 * Playerjpeg must be compiled as an static .lib library, instead of as a .dll
 * Include jpeg.lib in playerv, playerc...  (maybe I forget one or two projects)

I have recently managed to compile all this stuff, son I haven't still tried it. It compiles, but I'm not
sure if all will work correctly....

By the way, I wonder if all this modifications (and some others I made before) can be included in the
CMakeList.txt files to make windows compilation (at least with VS 2008) as easy as it is on linux.
Unfortunately, I know almost nothing of CMake, so I don't know how to do it.


> Hi Jorge,
> Your patch is great even if it has some surprising places (for
> example, removes inclusion of stdlib.h in imageseq.cc - fortunately, I
> can't see any reason for this inclusion in whole imageseq code, so it is
> acceptable). Other thing is your SIGQUIT definition in playerv.c: if win
> api does not define that, it means it does not support that, so it
> shouldn't be done like that. More portable and system independent
> solution is:
> #ifdef SIGINT
>    signal(SIGINT, sig_quit);
> #endif
> #ifdef SIGQUIT
>    signal(SIGQUIT, sig_quit);
> #endif
> If you're able to compile imageseq.cc driver it means you've managed with
> opencv integration with player. How did you do that? Did you install
> pkgconfig for windows? (there's a pkg-config.exe binary available for
> download, however opencv for Windows does not provide opencv.pc file, did
> you prepare one for your own? how?! I couldn't manage with that). Did you
> managed with compilation of my cvcam driver too?
> Did you integrate libjpeg for windows with Player? (for cameracompress
> driver). Is it though problem?
> Paul