Alright, pardon my ignorance.

I was trying to install your pv3d system, followed the instructions on your site to the letter.

(Btw, great instructions, I had no trouble with anything..)
Except when I tried to run it. I got the error about it not being able to find ...

Now, when I built fltk 2.0 Weekly, it did build the OpenGL libs, it built them, however it built them as staticly linked libs, .a. I inspected the Makefile for the OpenGL libs, and they have a make path for building the dynamically linked lib, however when I execute that path I get an error when it tries to make the symlinks.

Now, I know this isn't your library. I looked on the fltk site for documentation, as well I read everything in their files on it. I know it is building the opengl parts. I know I have all the libraries and dev files I should need.

Any ideas? Have you seen this problem before?
Do the .a files work like the .so files? (I am sorry again for my ignorance. )

The .a files reside in the /usr/local/lib directory. I did a sudo find from / for anything but turned up nothing.


On 4/18/06, smog zer <> wrote:
Hello everybody.

I just released new versions of Pv3d and Rtk3d.
Rtk3d and a toolkit for the development of simple 3d apps that involve interaction with the world. It has LOTS of features.
Pv3d was conceived with robot perception and world interaction in mind.
Pv3d gets alot of flexibility by the combination of xml and a plugin loading provided by rtk3d.
Some of it's highlights are:
 multi player clients
 multiple windows
 easy to learn configuration files(unlike player, stage or even gazebo)
 code that humans can understand and write (unlike gtk and bloated C )
 careful selection of APIs, design rationale, testing and refactoring
 3d accelerated
 encourages imagination
 minimized code duplication, which reflect in very few lines to code a new plugin
 etc, etc, etc.

At the current version the following plugins for pv3d are provided:

plugins/pv3d_camera both in the world or fullscreen
plugins/pv3d_localize used in combination with the planner and you have a replacement for playernav
plugins/pv3d_log a replacement for playervcr
plugins/pv3d_ruler measure distances in the world. a simple example of what is possible with rtk3d

and others that still need some updating to player 2.0 :
plugins/pv3d_laser_feature2d.hpp fast feature interpretation of miarn feature extraction modules
plugins/pv3d_laser_scene_interpretation.hpp represents walls, arcs and persons walking (the famous videos)

Go visit for news, videos and downloads and to see some of my work.
And make sure to follow the installation instruction
Waiting for your bug reports.
Joćo Xavier
Institute for Systems and Robotics
University of Coimbra

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