There have been a bunch of emails about the segway rmp driver lately, here's what I can tell...

There is a segway rmp driver in player now(compiled in, not a plugin driver).  It works only for the older rmp's which have CAN interfaces, and it only works with kvaser cards.  It seems that kvaser has not updated the drivers for their PCMCIA  CAN devices for current linux kernels...?

There is Dr. Weghe's driver for the USB version, which I haven't been able to find a link to. From the emails, it sounds like it also compiles directly in to player.

In our lab we've written a simple plugin driver for our CAN based RMP, which uses lawicel's canusb device instead of kvaser.  At the moment it works well for driving the segway, but doesn't do much parsing of status messages that the segway sends back; we're actively using and improving this driver though.

It seems that their are enough people working on this separately that we should be able to get this all sorted out. Ideally, there should be one driver, and you should be able to compile in support for whichever interface you are using (e.g. you shouldn't need kvaser's Canlib if you're not using a kvaser CAN device). Can anyone answer these questions:
-Does the USB based RMP use the same message formats as the older segways?
-Do we care whether it is a plugin driver?

Jon Binney

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 3:38 PM, Joshua S <> wrote:


I have been trying to get the segway rmp 50 working with player stage.  This
is the non-balancing model that uses casters and includes a USB cable.

I'm confused of the current segway driver status.   It seems to currently be
disabled?  I read a post from 2007 that mentioned Dr. Weghe from CMU had
been developing a USB interface to the balancing version.  Does anyone have
any more information?


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