It is definitely in the 2.1 releases. Here is the doxygen page for it:

On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:20 PM, Fred Labrosse <> wrote:
On Wednesday 28 Jan 2009, gbiggs wrote:
> The hokuyo_aist driver should work fine with the UTM-30LX and any other
> laser using the SCIP 2.0 protocol,

I didn't see that driver.  Is that only in svn?

> although as far as I know it hasn't
> been tested with that model laser (it definitely works with the 04 and
> 08 model scanners, including intensity data). This driver uses the new
> ranger interface instead of the laser interface; if you need to put it
> into something that requires the laser interface, use the rangertolaser
> driver to translate the data. I recommend using the ranger interface in
> your clients wherever possible, as the laser, sonar and ir interfaces
> will (hopefully) be deprecated in the next version of Player.

I have no problem with the ranger interface, as long as it still provides
readings in position, not just angle.  I seem to remember that the former had
been dropped from the ranger interface.  Having it in the laser interface is
very useful.


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