my config file looks something like this (I was on player 2..1rc2). You probably do not want to copy/paste it wholesale as I typed it in manually. It is basically taken from the doxygen documentation for the sicks3000.

name "sicks3000"
provides ["laser:0"]
requires ["opaque:0"]

name "serialstream"
provides ["opaque:0"]
port "/dev/ttyUSB0"
transfer_rate 38400

Just a note, despite what the documentation for serialstream says, it doesn't support anything above 115200. I have gotten it to run at 9600 (the sick laser happened to be configured at that speed when I first tried player). I am now using carmen's driver as it already supported 500k without messing around with the source. A quick look at suggests that you just need to change SerialStream::ChangeTermSpeed(int speed) function.

I have tried connecting it at 38400, 115200, 230.8k, 460.8k and 500k and they all work with the VSCOM USB-RS 422 converter.



On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 5:15 PM, Stefan Stiene <> wrote:
for me the driver works with a sick s300 pro. But I have to configure
the scanner, that it sends continuously  and with 500k. Using other
scanner frequencys doesn't work for me.

Stephan Gspandl schrieb:
> Hello,
> Edward Rankin wrote:
>> I am using the S300 Pro (S30B-2011DA) and it works with the S300 driver.
>> I suspect you need a newer version of the CDS software.
> The CDS-SW I'm using is the newest version, that can't be the problem
> unfortunately. The scanner is configured to output continously, it's in
> a proper status (green light on) and when I run playerv it responds that
> the service is subscribed and player doesn't output any error messages.
> I can control the robot (a Pioneer btw) but there's no sensor output for
> laser data in the playerv-window.
> What does your cfg look like, maybe I misconfigured player...?
> Thanks in advance and regards,
> Stephan

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