Hey everyone

Since the Roboteq driver from Player 3+ seems to provide more options, then I have been working on making it run, but I am facing two problems:
When I am using the Roboteq driver with Player 3.01 I am able to make it move, but the motion is stucked where my robot runs forever at the first command it gets about the speed.
A guy called Scott recently told me that a new version of the Roboteq driver is available from SVN, which I installed yesterday, but when I am trying to run my Player from SVN with .cfg for my robot, then it report the following error: "error   : Adding position2d interface.".

I have just tested the Hokuyo driver today and works flawlessly, but making the Roboteq driver follow my wish has been quite troublesome and I hope someone have the time to help with the last step.


Sebastian Aslund