Hi there everyone... After a long evening of trials, I've been able to install gearbox and the gbxsickacfr driver for player 2.1.1... Unfortunately, it doesn't accepts the delay option and I couldn't make the lms200 work with it... Has anyone had any success into using the lms200 on any player version? I've tried doing everything you guys said... And the kernel we're using here is  2.6.24-19-generic.... If anyone has had any success and could mail me or the list saying what is it that they've done in order for the lms200 to work with a RS232 I'd be very grateful...

Thanks in advance,

Víctor Costa da Silva Campos

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 4:27 AM, Fred Labrosse <ffl@aber.ac.uk> wrote:
On Thu, 10 July, 2008 1:34 am, gbiggs wrote:
> Fred Labrosse wrote:
>> If I remember well, you have to explicitly put the gearbox pkg-config
>> directory (/usr/local/lib/pkg-config/gearbox) in the PKG_CONFIG_PATH env
>> variable because gearbox uses a subdir rather than the main dir.
> Yeah, that was us getting a little over-enthusiastic with
> sub-directories... It's been fixed in SVN for a while, so it'll be fixed
> in the next release (due pretty soon).

So you are behind that one as well!

>> If you are using gentoo, as I do, I also had to install the manual way
>> rather
>> than using their gentoo ebuild because it didn't install most of the
>> stuff...
> And that's me being lazy and forgetting to update the ebuild. :)
> By the way, you are allowed to post to the gearbox mailing list when you
> encounter problems... We're not going to be able to fix them if no one
> tells us about them, just like how Player wouldn't be able to fix issues
> its users have if no one posted about them to this list.

I know.  It's just that when I was fighting this I was in a bit of a rush
and then forgot.

Talking about the ebuild, it was rather difficult to find as not linked


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