Hi there everyone...

I'm kinda of the to this forum, so hi...
Since I couldn't find a driver for the NOMAD that works with Player 2.0, I've started writing a plugin driver for it. For now, the plugin driver supports velocity control of the base and of the turret (the turret movement can be controlled differently from the base if desired, all you have to do is put a flag in the config file), sonar, ir, bumper and compass. I've done some tests and it seemed that most of it was working.

I based the driver in the how to that's refered by the player site:

It has some errors for now, and I'd like to now if anyone could help me.
- When I use position2d and call GetPose it always returns 0 0 0;

- When I use sonar and call GetPose, after calling requestGeom, it always returns the sonar sensor position relative to the robot. Is that what it should return, or should it return the pose of the measured obstacles?

- When I try to use the VFH driver with the plugin driver, if I call goto() it just turns in place, even when there are no obstacles and it should just walk forward. Does anyone have any idea of what could be the error?

Sorry for the long post...


Víctor Costa da SIlva Campos